About the Author

Kathleen Harrington says she must have been born to tell stories. She remembers acting out the movies she’d seen with her girl cousins, when they played together as children. “From swashbucklers to musicals, along with the fairytales I’d learned as a child, I always had stories running through my head. I never realized till I reached adulthood that not everyone makes up their own stories, as well.”

Kathleen also loved to read and learn about history, one of her majors in college. Her fascination with historical eras is eclectic, and her novels showcase her wide-ranging interests from the American West to Regency England to Medieval Scotland.

Her first historical romance, Cherish the Dream, was published in 1989. She has written nine novels, all published by Avon. She’s presently working on the second book in the Highland Lairds Series.

Kathleen was born in California, raised in Nebraska and Iowa, and returned to California to graduate from Garden Grove High School. A product of both the West Coast and the Mid-West, she was also schooled in both parochial and public schools. She graduated from the University of California Fullerton and began a teaching career in the public school system, from which she is now retired.

In addition to her writing, Kathleen is an avid gardener. She also enjoys yoga and floral design. She resides in Southern California.