Lachlan's Bride

Dear Friends,

I am happy to tell you that the manuscript for the next book in the Highland Lairds Series, Lachlan's Bride, is completed and with my editor at Avon Books. It will be released this year.

I had a lot of fun writing this book and I think you will have fun reading it. My heroine, Lady Francine Walsingham, has reason to believe that the handsome Scottish laird entrusted with escorting her and her little daughter to Edinburgh is a Celtic sorcerer. In fact, the English sailors who have faced Lachlan MacRath in sea battles have labeled him the "Sorcerer of the Seas."

I am presently researching the history of the Scottish Isles in the early 1500's, where the third story of the trilogy will take place. 

Often, things I learn in my research show up in my plots. Those of you who've read the first book in the trilogy, The MacLean Groom, will remember that the heroine, Lady Joanna, believed that the Scottish laird she was being forced to marry had a dragon's tail beneath his kilt.  Strange as it may seem, in the early days the English people believed that the reason Highlanders wore kilts was because they had tails. Truth, indeed, is stranger than fiction!

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