A reader recently asked why there was such a long space of time between THE MACLEAN GROOM and LACHLAN'S BRIDE.

Actually, for personal reasons, I needed to return to teaching full-time for a period of years. Thankfully, during those years, my editor at Avon Books, Erika Tsang, kept asking my agent about me and whether I was still writing. Because of her continued interest in me and in my finishing the Highland Lairds Trilogy, I decided, after retiring from teaching, to resume my writing. I wanted to finish the series for the many readers who'd expressed interest in Lachlan's and Keir's story. And for my own pleasure!

I can promise that you won't have to wait so long for Keir's story. I'll finish it in the next few months. Meanwhile, LACHLAN'S BRIDE will be released for e-readers April 30th in the Avon Impulse line. If you go to the Avon site, you can order it at presale for a lower price right now.

Also, Avon released a free sampler, IT HAPPENED ONE VALENTINE'S DAY, which showcases 14 authors, two chapters each. THE MACLEAN GROOM is featured in the sampler. It was released on February 12th.

I want to thank Angeline for contacting me with this question. I'm glad you enjoyed THE MACLEAN GROOM. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. And would you believe, in LACHLAN'S BRIDE, the heroine's daughter is named Angelica? What serendipity!

Kathleen Harrington 

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