Dear Friends,

As you will see when you click on the "Books" section, my new cover is here! LACHLAN'S BRIDE has a wonderful hero on its cover. I'm so pleased! He has that twinkle in his green eyes and the teasing smile that Lachlan displays in my story. And of course, those chisled pecs!

The staff at Avon Books tries very hard to ensure that our covers accurately depict the characters in our stories. And this time, they're spot on!

I know you will enjoy getting acquainted with Lachlan MacRath and the lady who captures his heart, Lady Francine Walsingham.

For those of you who fell in love with his older brother, Rory, in THE MACLEAN GROOM, you'll get to find out what's happened with him and Joanna since we last saw them.

And of course, you'll also meet again their rambunctious youngest brother. Keir's bawdy sense of humor and impulsive behavior keeps his family mutually holding their breath, wondering what he'll say next!

LACHLAN'S BRIDE is now available on presale status at a lower price. When it is released on April 30, 2013, the normal price will resume. 

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