Rebellion Sweeps the Hebrides - The Highlands in Turmoil
Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 04:53PM
Kathleen Harrington in Avon Romance

It's 1504. The last heir of the Lord of the Isles has escaped imprisonment, and Clan Macdonald and its allies rise up against King James IV. A fleet is sent to quash the rebellion and bring the leaders back to Edinburgh for hanging. The future of a strong united Scotland lies in the balance.

Keir MacNeil is commander of a royal squadron with orders to destroy all Macdonald strongholds and lay waste to their castles and lands. Known to his friends as the Black Raven, Keir's enemies have labeled him the Black Beast's Spawn - for Keir is the spirit and image of his notorious and ruthless sire.

Raine Cameron is searching for her natural father and that quest leads her into the midst of battle. She is gifted with the Second Sight, able to see events in the past and future - but that gift doesn't protect her from the bold privateer whom she's tricked into taking her aboard his ship. Raine denies the sensual attraction she feels for this ferocious Highland laird, all the while guarding her secret - that her father is one of the traitors MacNeil is hunting.

In BLACK RAVEN'S LADY, Keir MacNeil and Raine Cameron clash time and again, for her determination to find her treasonous father is stymied by the strong-willed privateer's resolve to keep her safe - even from himself. Yet a moonlight visit to the enchanted Stones of Calanais will ignite the passion simmering between them.

BLACK RAVEN'S LADY, Book 3 of the Highland Lairds Trilogy, is an October 2014 release.




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