Do You Believe in Magic?

Raine Cameron, heroine of the BLACK RAVEN'S LADY, is known to have the Second Sight. She's had the ability from an early age. Through her gift of interpreting visions, she helped Rory MacLean find his abducted wife in the first book of the HIGHLAND LAIRDS TRILOGY, THE MACLEAN GROOM.

Although the belief in the Fairy Faith is common throughout the Scottish Highlands in 1503, there's one person who denies that Raine has this magical gift. Keir MacNeil, a sea captain known for his ferocity in battle both on land and sea, scoffs at the idea that anyone can look into the past or foresee the future.

So when Raine decides to search for the man she's seen in a vision - the traitorous laird she believes to be her natural father - she knows better than to tell MacNeil the truth. She must convince him to allow her to board his ship, the Black Raven, and take her with him into the Hebrides and the seething Macdonald rebellion for the Lord of the Isles.

Spinning a web of lies and deceit, Raine insinuates herself onboard the Black Raven, only to find herself fighting the attraction she feels for the magnificent male who commands - not only his ship and crew - but her rebellious heart.