Enchanted by You


Best Short Historical Romance

A Mysterious Beauty

A Cheyenne princess, in Scotland? Ridiculous! Yet Juliette Elkheart’s exotic beauty tempts the laird of Strathlyon Castle unbearably, and her serenity calls to his haunted soul. For Lyon blames himself for his brother’s death in battle, and now denies himself love—though there’s nothing he yeans for more.

A Formidable Chieftain 

Juliette first saw the magnificent warrior in the misty streets of Edinburgh, and when fate takes her to Strathlyon Castle, she knows they’re destined for each other—no matter how much he denies it. After all, he cannot hide the passion that overcomes him whenever he gives in to their ferocious attraction. So if she has to turn his life upside down until he can’t resist her anymore ... that’s exactly what she’ll do!


 Lifting Julie off her feet, Lyon pinned her against the closed door.

He rubbed his body against hers, letting her feel his arousal, thickened and hardened with need. He was a big man, and there was no mistaking his carnal state. Julie gasped in shock. She pressed her shoulders against the door in a futile attempt to pull away from his touch and succeeded only in lifting her breasts higher against him. Her entire form quivered with rage. Lyon had never known a woman could feel so unbelievably delicate and small-boned. Even in his frenzied state he was aware of her heart-stopping fragility, and his mind shouted a warning to his ravenous body. Honor and lust dueled within him. Suddenly the point of Julie’s knife was pricking the vulnerable underside of his jaw. “Put me down, veho,” she ordered with cool deliberation, “or I will slit your throat from one ear to the other.” He considered forcing a kiss before setting her free. He could take the knife and the kiss by brute force, but he knew she’d fight him with every ounce of the considerable courage she possessed. And if the knife slipped and cut her, he’d never forgive himself.