Set in Medieval Scotland

Lachlan's Bride

The second book in the Highland Lairds Trilogy

A Fierce Highland Warrior

He is Lachlan MacRath, laird and privateer.  And he intends to be her lover...

Lady Francine Walsingham could not believe this fierce Highland warrior is to be her escort into Scotland.  It is whispered that Lachlan MacRath has matical powers... how else do you explain why the English sailors call him the Sorceror fo the Seas?  But trust him she must, for a treacherous plot is about to reveal all her secrets... and Francine has no choice but to act as his lover to keep her enemies at bay.

A Headstrong English Countess

When Lachlan first sees Francine, the blonde beauty stirs his blood like no woman has ever before.  As luck would have it, they must now play the besotted couple so he can protect her... and Lachlan is determined to use all his seductive prowess to properly woo her into his bed.

April 30, 2013