Set in Regency England...

Promise Me

Winner of the Colorado Romance Writers’ AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 

Shattered Vows

Courtenay Shelburne’s world was cruelly shaken when his beautiful bride of two months ran off to Italy with his closest friend. Enraged, the hot-tempered Earl of Warbeck swore he would someday have his revenge on the traitorous wench—all the while tormented by the knowledge that he desired her still. 

Promise Me

Now, five years later, Philippa has returned to England—no longer the shy young miss Warbeck once married, but a sensuous woman of proud bearing, falsely damned by lies and vile, secret stratagems. And though vengeance is finally within his grasp, the embittered earl cannot extinguish the passionate fire Philippa’s presence ignites... nor can he still the voice within that begs him to welcome love back into his heart.