Set in 1762 London

Sunshine and Shadow

Scandalous Lies

Colonel Roderick Fielding returns to England as a war hero with the title of earl, yet without a penny to his name. His family fortune stolen, he’s prepared to wed an heiress... when one arrives conveniently on his doorstep. A mistake brings beautiful Lady Christina Berringer to Fielding’s door, and a fierce storm forces her to stay the night.

But the London gossips leave her no choice but to marry immediately, or face disgrace. Headstrong and independent, she’ll pursue her own goals, and keep her husband at bay... anyway she can. Roderick has vowed to woo and win her—even as his heart aches with the scandalous tales she tells about herself. And while they lie to themselves and to each other, secret desires rage within...making them ready to explode in the passion of the moment...or surrender in the stillness of a night of love.

 Sunshine and Shadow 

“I’m not afraid of you. If you lay a violent hand on me, I’ll wait till you’re asleep and shoot you. Or . . . or poison your food the next day.”

At her audacious blustering, he threw back his head and gave a muffled shout of laughter. The idea of Christina boldly threatening his life delighted his sense of the ridiculous.

She tried to shove him away, furious at the swaggering amusement he made no attempt to hide. He cupped her little butt with his big hands and pulled her relentlessly against him. He wanted to slide down with her into the silken cocoon of her bed and drown himself in the satiny pleasure of her body. He could spend a lifetime making love to her . . .

“My little spitfire,” he murmured. “You’ve more strength of will than most men, sunshine. But not, I think, more than your husband.”

He bent his head and covered her parted lips with his own.