The MacLean Groom

Bold men of power, pride and passionate hearts in a beautiful, troubled land...

Highland Lairds

Married by Decree 

He is her family’s ancient foe, but never has Lady Joanna Macdonald seen a man she wants more. Still, she hides from Rory MacLean—the dashing laird whom King James has ordered her to marry—hoping to save her family’s honor. For the pretty young lass knows that once she is wed, her trembling passion will be a difficult secret to keep hidden from her determined bridegroom. 

Bound by Desire

For Rory MacLean, this marriage was merely a means to secure his fortune. But when he finally sets eyes upon his heiress bride, Rory is enraptured, and determined to have her, body and soul. But first the rugged Highland warrior has to make the spirited innocent beauty desire the man she has been taught all her life to hate. And by slow and sinful seduction, Rory MacLean will show sweet Joanna that he is truly the husband her heart is destined for.

Oh, he had the perfect right to bed her now. 

With a low groan of frustration, Rory grasped Joanna’s slender wrists and brought them upward, where he held them imprisoned against his naked chest. She looked up in surprise, innocence glowing in her marvelous eyes.  She belonged to him by the king’s command, and no one could say otherwise. Not even Joanna. The fact that she’d attempted to hide herself from him gave Rory all the more justification for taking her at once and without the benefit of clergy. But first, Rory wanted to win her affection. Though he didn’t believe in romantic love, a bride should display some tender esteem for her groom. He knew with demoralizing certainty that if he attempted to seduce her tonight, he’d become the villain in her preposterous make-believe tale. He refused to play the role of the monster. She waited, looking up at him in bemusement. “Milord?”  Her soft whisper seemed to compress Rory’s heart into a tight leaden lump.  He knew he had to stop.

The MacLean Groom: Highland Lairds Trilogy